TAPFIRE has four core program areas that assist poor communities to become healthier, safer and more self-sufficient:

  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Improving Medical Services and Care
  • Increasing Access to Clean Water
  • Building Community Capacity and Self Sufficiency

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Going Beyond the Call of Duty–Firefighters in Mexico

At the heart of every firefighter is the undeniable need to help others within, around, or well beyond their own community.

TAPFIRE team to Ell Grullo On January 20th 2006, 10 Kent Firefighters set out as volunteers to accomplish the humanitarian task of training the first-ever fire department of El Grullo, Mexico. El Grullo, with a population of 25,000, is a sister city of Kent, WA through Sister Cities International (SCI), an organization designed to unite the world one city, town, or village at a time. The firefighters worked with another non-profit organization, TAPFIRE, founded by Kent Fire’s own Battalion Chief, Paul Wright. Chief Wright started TAPFIRE as an organization that partners with other communities living with limited or no fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

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